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Were you the VICTIM of Auto Dealer Fraud or Misrepresentation by an new car dealer, used car dealer, R.V. Dealer, or other business?

Is your car a lemon under the California Lemon Law?

Did you purchase a worthless Service Contract with your new or used auto?

Were you lied to by a Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer or Foreclosure Consultant?

Were you the VICTIM of False Advertising?

Is that collection agency violating the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?


     California Law provides a wealth of consumer protection remedies, including injunctions, rescission, damages, and penalties, in favor of consumers of new and used consumer products and services.

     California's 3-day right to rescind some contracts does not apply to automobile purchase and lease agreements, but misrepresentation during the sale negotiations can provide the basis to rescind the contract and get your money back.

     California's Lemon Law, on the other hand, provides the right to a refund or new replacement vehicle for warranty problems the dealer is unable to fix after a reasonable number of attempts. It applies to new and used consumer goods, and even covers vehicles purchased for business use if no more than 5 vehicles are owned. The law also covers service contracts, implied warranties, and provides strict requirements for As-Is contracts.

     In the vast majority of cases, the consumer protection laws provide for the recovery of attorney's fees and court costs from the dealer or other business.

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